Public Administration & Governance Primary

Raghda Jaber is currently working on Institutional Assessment and Capacity Building to support Planning functions and the implementation of Oman National Spatial Strategy. She has been serving as Senior Policy Adviser at the Supreme Council for Planning (SCP) in Oman, working on housing policy. Ms. Jaber also was in charge of scoping, developing ToR, and co-managing procurement for two SCP Projects: the Oman National Spatial Strategy Project (ONSS), and Oman Vision 2040. ONSS involves the preparation of a strategic spatial framework to guide land use and development in the country for the coming decades. Vision 2040 is the guiding economic and social development vision for Oman in the next decades. Prior to that, Ms. Jaber was the senior policy adviser under the Office of the Prime Minister of Lebanon, supporting the work of the Project Administration Office (PAO), a unit in charge of managing programs funded by the European Union. Ms. Jaber also was the project coordinator, in charge of planning and implementation of the Cadastre Operations Modernization and Automation Project (COMAP), under the Ministry of Finance (MoF) from its inception to successful completion in 2005.