Scope of work

Scope of work

1. Female Quota

Raising public awareness on female gender quota

2. Electoral Systems & Gender Equality:

Conducting research on how to implement gender quota in any electoral law, through simulations and result analysis.

3. Women in Parliament

Empowering women and building competencies

4.Women in Political Parties & Syndicates

Lobbying political parties to endorse women-friendly laws and pressuring for more women in top-decision positions. Working with women in Syndicates to create gender-balanced organizations

5. Women in Municipalities

Empowering & supporting women socially and economically. Building their political leadership in community services.

6. Women in Office

Supporting current female politicians in office and highlighting their achievements

7. Women & the Media

Partnering with the media to highlight the performance of women in politics.

Creating female role models to change the general mindset and inspire women.

Developing talk shows & programs to raise awareness on the importance of equality

8. Youth

Educating and empowering youth on gender equality, across different universities, by creating clusters of gender equality

9. Lobbying with male supporters

Abolishing discriminatory laws against women & girls aiming to create equality across all levels

10. Digital & Social Media:

Employing social media platforms in favor of women in politics