Strength for Women

Fiftyfifty held a national conference Monday to discuss the gender quota law proposal with representatives of parliamentary blocs, independent legislators, various states’ ambassadors to Lebanon, legal […]

Fifty Fifty organizes a National Conference to discuss the Gender Quota Proposed Law

Fifty Fifty organized a conference to discuss the proposed law with the elected Member of the Parliaments, with both politically affiliated and independent individuals To know more […]

Fifty Fifty honors the 157 Candidates

Fifty Fifty hosted a conference to honor the 157 female candidates, who registered for the 2022 parliamentary elections, for their courage & determination To read the […]

IMF links high economic growth to girls’ education 

The world is facing a crisis in girls’ education. There are 130 million girls out of school, and this figure is from before the pandemic. Now […]

Fierce race in Lebanon elections expected with record number of women standing

In a country where women comprise less than 5 percent of parliament, 118 women candidates created cracks in the political glass ceiling, vying for a broader […]

Women’s Revolution in the Parliamentary Elections 2022

Co-Founder of Fifty Fifty, Joelle Abou Farhat, said “To every woman running in the parliamentary elections today, you are a hero. Your candidacy is hope to […]

“2022 Parliamentary Elections” a door to greater representation of women

In mid-March the door for the 2022 parliamentary elections closed with 155 female candidates out of 1043 candidates.This number, which constituted 15% of the general average, […]

Seven female icons who helped define the Arab world

The Arab region has produced women who went on to influence development of religious thought, the arts and the sciences Read more

Female challenges in 2018 Parliamentary Elections

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Women’s Quota: Parliamentary Elections 2017  Click the button to download PDF file Read More

The dismissal of the gender quota proposal

Lebanon’s Civil Society Feminist platform condemns the blatant dismissal of the gender quota proposal by the parliamentarians Read More

Fiftyfifty demands gender quota for parliamentary elections in Lebanon

The quota proposed by Fiftyfifty can push the country forward. taking up the quota as a temporary measure to ensure equality, Lebanon would be following in […]

365 days of a Gender Journey

365 days of a Gender Journey   Type: Study Author: UNDP Summary: The ‟365 days of  Gender Journey” by the UNDP is a study that focuses […]

Gender Profile, Lebanon

Gender Profile, Lebanon     Type: Study Author: Institute of Women’s Studies in the Arab World (LAU University) Summary: The ‟Gender Profile for Lebanon” study shows […]

Why Lebanon should invest in women’s labor force participation

Why Lebanon should invest in women’s labor force participation Type: Article Author: Beirut Today Summary: Beirut Today’s article studies Arab leaders continuing overlook on one structural […]