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Ghada Chreim Ata

   Ghada Chreim Ata Professor at the Lebanese University   Ghada Chreim Ata . PHD French littérature . Former supervisor of Fairuz magazine-Dar Assayad . Former director of letters and human sciences -section IV -Lebanese university . Professor at UL . Owner of the page السياسة كلمة مؤنث Working for the political women rights E-MAIL ADDRESS: PHONE NUMBER:  FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: TWITTER ACCOUNT: LINKED IN ACCOUNT: [email protected]    +9613551862 ghada.c.ata @ataghada ghada ata...

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Vera Yammine

Vera Yammine  Politician   Member of political bureau at Marada Movement since 2010 Media Advisor of Sleiman Frangieh Media and Communication advisor and coordinator at Marada Movement Head of Public Relations and Communication at “Damascus International Network” Permanent Member of “Imam Mousa Sadr Cultural Platform” Lecturer in Politics and Media at a number of local and international Universities Lecturer in political conferences and seminars Awarded and nominated as “The Powerful Woman in Lebanon” in 2007 Awarded and honored for participating in workshops on how to improve the political parties from “The International Republic Institute” in 2007 Received a number...

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Joumana Haddad

Joumana Haddad Author, Journalist and Activist   Writer, journalist, and activist for human rights, equality, freedom of expression and marginalized groups, born in Beirut in 1970. Worked for Lebanon’s An Nahar newspaper from 1997-2017. Since 2005, she has been the editor of the newspaper’s cultural section. Since 2014, she’s been selected as one of the world’s 100 most powerful Arab women for her cultural and social activism. In 2017, she was also selected as one of the 100 most influential Lebanese people in the world. Speaking seven languages, she has published several works of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and theater...

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Hayat Mirshad

Hayat Mirshad Journalist and Feminist Activist A Feminist and human rights activist, researcher, trainer and journalist. Co-founder and Head of Programs at FE-MALE, a non-profit feminist collective. board member and Head of communications at the Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering editor in Chief for Sharika wa Laken feminist online platform. Worked as an editor and anchor at Sawt Al Shaab Lebanese radio station and as a freelance reporter for social talk shows at Aljadeed TV and OTV. E-MAIL ADDRESS: PHONE  NUMBER:   FACEBOOK ACCOUNT      TWITTER ACCOUNT   LINKED IN ACCOUNT: [email protected] +9613864236 hayat mirshad @hayatmirshad hayat mirshad  ...

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Rindala Jabbour

Rindala Jabbour journalist & president of the syndicate of workers in audiovisual in Lebanon I am Rindala Jabbour from Ammik West Bekaa. I am a journalist, and president of the syndicate of workers in audiovisual in Lebanon. I work as Reporter, anchor and presenter in Sawt el mada Radio station and I teach media and communication arts in Lebanese International University LIU and in the University of Sciences and arts in Lebanon USAL. After a long journey in Free Patriotic Movement, I was elected in February 2016 as Member in the political council and I am a potential candidate...

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