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Nayla Geagea

  Nayla Geagea  Lawyer and Researcher Nayla Geagea is a lawyer and researcher with more than ten years of experience and practice with a focus on international human rights, protection of vulnerable groups and international criminal justice. Since 2008, she has engaged in legal research and drafted legal briefs, memoranda, and draft laws encompassing a range of issues related to human, social and economical rights. She has worked with multiple local and international organizations including research centers to develop public policies and advocate for legal reforms, to implement projects and activities aiming at addressing forms of discrimination and marginalization...

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Vanda Shadid Ramia

  Vanda Shadid Ramia University instructor I have always believed in my country and have always tried to help it regain its strength. I have used every possibility to preach democracy, equality, equal opportunities to all citizens whether as a uni teacher , a member of Liqaa Althulathaa , at my little art oasis Graffiti Art Gallery, or as executive board member of The Green Party of Lebanon. E-MAIL ADDRESS: PHONE  NUMBER:  FACEBOOK ACCOUNT  [email protected] +9613769781 Vanda Ramia  ...

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