Our history (our work from 2012 till present)

Co-founders of Fiftyfifty, Joelle Abou farhat, and Paola Majdalani have been working since 2012 on empowering women in political and public life through Women in Front NGO.

Below are some of their achievements:
Female Quota

  • Raising awareness on female gender quota through a national advocacy TV campaign
  • Developing a study on how to implement women’s quota in any electoral system and submitting it to all political parties and MPs
  • Conducting and publishing different scientific simulations on quota and electoral laws

Parliamentary Elections

  • Raising awareness across Lebanese regions on the new electoral law & the importance of women running as candidates
  • Lobbying political parties to include women on their electoral lists
  • Promoting women’s profiles in media and social media outlets
  • Creating the first political council in Lebanon to support and equip female candidates for the 2018 parliamentary elections
  • Providing prominent and experts women with knowledge, skills and support to reach public and political decision-making positions
  • Encouraging women across Lebanese regions to present their candidacy for 2018 elections

Highlighting female politicians in the Media

  • Creating the first political TV talk-show in Lebanon featuring both expert females and males to debate socio-political issues.
  • Working closely with multiple TV stations (LBC, MTV, Al Jadeed, OTV  & Future TV) to host prominent females- working in public and political fields – on their different socio-political programs


  • Educating and empowering youth on gender equality across different universities
  • Creating clusters of gender equality at 4 universities

Women in Municipalities

  • Empowering and supporting women in Municipalities
  • Supporting and building women’s economic empowerment
  • Building capacities of female candidates to create changes in their communities

Women in Office

  • Supporting current female politicians (6 MPs and 4 Ministers)
  • Highlighting their profiles and underlining their expertise and achievements in the media
  • Creating the 1st pilot female caucus featuring current female politicians as well as expert females from public and political fields in Lebanon

After 7 years of work, we have succeeded in achieving a phenomenal increase in the number of candidates running for office, from 12 female candidates in 2009 elections to 113 in 2018 parliamentary elections (almost 10 times more).

Following 2018 elections, a restructuring of our strategy was imperative. Hence, we created Fiftyfifty NGO and included males on board to work hand in hand with females in promoting and implementing a gender-balanced Lebanon